Depression And Me.

When I was younger I never saw myself as a sad person, I knew my dreams and where I wanted to end up in life and always had something to smile about. The thing is mental health is fine when you can control it but it takes one thing to set it all off and then you are faced with breakdowns. Depression was something that crept up on me and slowly but surely surely took over my mind, It took me a while to admit it, In fact I haven’t fully admitted it now. I was ashamed and scared all I wanted was to feel normal and be happy again. I would get invites from friends to come out shopping or to the cinema and deep inside I would be full with excitement to see them but depression would take its toll and I would decline. It wasn’t that I wanted to isolate myself I just didnt feel good enough for the outside world, I was overwhelmed by my thoughts and problems and I didnt want to burden anyone. People think you stay in your room all day because you’re lazy but it isn’t being snuggled in bed that makes us stay there its because we loose all motivation to move and it becomes painful to do the smallest of tasks. Sadly a lot of people dont see mental health problems as an illness but an excuse however I assure you that mental health is just as important as physical health. Depression cannot fix itself over night, I myself would love that to be the case but it isn’t and we can’t just cure it, our brains work differently and we need as much help as anyone else with an illness. Please if you know someone battling with depression dont think they are doing it for attention or that there faking it because depression Is real and it is IMPORTANT, even if you dont understand it just be there for them and be kind always.